Fitting Meme’s for a Blood Red Day in Crypto!

Here are some Memes that might help you identify with the emotions of Tuesday, January 16th 2018 as many people have lost over 30-40% of their portfolio value. When will the carnage stop and when will it rebound? know one knows but quit looking at CoinCap for a few hours, light one up if you got one and keep your self busy on something more important. Thus storm shall pass.    

HODL, The FUD will end SOON!!!

On Thursday Jan. 11th South Korea publicly stated that they were preparing to ban all Cryptocurrency  As South Korea is one of the biggest market movers in the Crypto industry that news sent shock waves through the markets and prices were in the red and dropping severely, we have seen this one more than one occasion with China making similar statements as well as Jamie Dimond of JP Morgan Chase stating that Bitcoin was a fraud! What we all can learn from this as Cryptocurrency Investors is that any bad news shall pass like a small rainstorm and the sun […]

How To Jump Into Crypto : 5 Easy Steps

Everyone is talking about Crypto, your friends family and co-workers are making mad money and you are still sitting on the sidelines. It’s time to put together a plan to get some money invested, but more importantly get informed, educated and learn how to do it easily and efficiently, I will try and assist you in getting started. Remember this is not financial/investment advice, only a roadmap to get in the game quickly and correctly. Step 1. Coinbase is the number one step, Coinbase is the most famous name when it comes to buying Cryptocurrency, the reason is they make it […]