Rage Against the USD Machine – Silver, Gold, BItcoins and Cryptocurrency

I have been re-investing most of my money for the past few years out of the USD and stocks and into other assets. Primarily silver and a little bit of gold. In 2017 I jumped on the Cryptocurrency train and haven’t looked back! If you study Geopolitics, history or economics then you can probably see that life as we know it will not last forever, our days are numbered in the current paradigm. To safeguard your wealth or even to just diversify you don’t need thousands of dollars, but you do need a consistent strategy that you follow. I will […]

HODL, The FUD will end SOON!!!

On Thursday Jan. 11th South Korea publicly stated that they were preparing to ban all Cryptocurrency  As South Korea is one of the biggest market movers in the Crypto industry that news sent shock waves through the markets and prices were in the red and dropping severely, we have seen this one more than one occasion with China making similar statements as well as Jamie Dimond of JP Morgan Chase stating that Bitcoin was a fraud! What we all can learn from this as Cryptocurrency Investors is that any bad news shall pass like a small rainstorm and the sun […]

Popular Cryptocurrency – At a Glance (Bitcoin Digital Gold)

Name | Sym. | Description —————-|——-|—————————————— Bitcoin | BTC | Digital gold Ethereum | ETH | Programmable contracts and money Bitcoin Cash | BCH | Bitcoin clone Ripple | XRP | Enterprise payment settlement network Litecoin | LTC | Faster Bitcoin Dash | DASH | Privacy-focused Bitcoin clone NEO | NEO | Chinese-market Ethereum NEM | XEM | Batteries-included digital assets Monero | XMR | Private digital cash Ethereum Classic| ETC | Ethereum clone IOTA | MIOTA | Internet-of-things payments Qtum | QTUM | Ethereum contracts on Bitcoin OmiseGO | OMG | Banking, remittance, and exchange Zcash | ZEC | […]


I have posted videos representing my favorite YouTube personalities and or channels. I have found a wealth of information through youtube and credit many of these YouTubers with my educational journey to where I am now. If you are new to Cryptocurrency please browse these videos, like and subscribe and create a playlist to further your education! Jnsip4 whats instrumental in opening my mind to new fringe news and ideas, I became a silver stacker and indirectly became interested in Crypto as he introduced is viewers to Cliff High! Cliff High at halfpasthuman.com has been on the cutting edge of […]

Where Can I Spend My Bitcoins?

List of Companies Who Accepts Bitcoins as Payment! Many companies are accepting bitcoins, Soon many more will, with Centra, TenX, Monaco Card and Token Card being released 4th quarter 2017 -1st quarter 2018 we will see a mainstream usage of cryptos to make purchases via Debit Card. WordPress.com – An online company that allows user to create free blogs Overstock.com – A company that sells big ticket items at lower prices due to overstocking Subway – Eat fresh Microsoft – Users can buy content with Bitcoin on Xbox and Windows store Reddit – You can buy premium features there with […]

Top 25 Crypto/Bitcoin Sites by Alexa Ranking 2017

Top 25 Crypto/Bitcoin Sites as of November 2017 Rank Site Alexa Rank Type 1 Coinbase 1,159 Exchange / Wallet 2 Blockchain.info 1,405 Wallet 3 FreeBitco.in 1,719 Faucet 4 BitcoinTalk 3,545 Forum 5 Coindesk 3,745 News 6 Xapo 4,794 Wallet 7 Local Bitcoins 4,831 Exchange 8 Kraken 4,904 Exchange 9 Coincheck 6,955 Exchange 10 BTC-E 7,463 Exchange 11 Bitcoin.com 8,619 Info website 12 Bitcoin.org 8,669 Info website 13 Genesis Mining 8,882 Cloud mining 14 Bitcoin Wisdom 9,201 Market Analytics 15 Bonus Bitcoin 9,568 Faucet 16 Bitstamp 10,489 Exchange 17 Cointelegraph 10,771 News 18 ClaimBTC 12,207 Faucet 19 CryptoCoinNews 12,208 News 20 […]