NEO formely known as Antshares is often referred to as “Chinese Ethereum” or “Ethereum’s killer
NEO will allow programmers to build decentralized applications on top the blockchain in C# and Javascript. NEO showcases more POW (Proof-Of-Work) than any other cryptocurrency currently on the market. The simplicity, the 15-second transaction time and the easy to use smart contract system has allowed NEO to explode in China. There are more than 50 major companies that are planning to adopt NEO’s technology in China. Compared to Ethereum, NEO has achieved more goals to a “Smarter Economy.” While NEO is primarily booming in China, the friendly developer software can make it huge in the west to. Ethereum -while having an extremely well-written code- doesn’t have as much POW as NEO. There is a possibility that investors and developers in the United States will realize that NEO is easier to adopt than Ethereum; this could destroy Ethereum’s reputation as a founder and producer of smart contracts.

 Market Cap

242,152 BTC

Volume (24h)

11,025 BTC

Circulating Supply

65,000,000 NEO

Total Supply

100,000,000 NEO

NEO (AntShares)

AntShares is a smart asset platform and the first open source public blockchain project in China. Smart assets are the combination of smart blockchain contracts and digital assets, making registering, distributing and trading digital assets more intelligent.

The Development of AntShares

Building private chains based on AntShare nodes and interacting with the blockchain through API / SDK.
Writing and compiling AntShare smart contracts to deploy to the blockchain for usage.
Design goals

Compliance with the Physical World

Replace the token with an electronic contract
Account Authentication
Fulfilling the needs of financial transactions

Non-breaking deterministic billing
Use fiat currency as currency
Node division and specialization
Highly scalable architecture design

Low latency, high throughput, pluggable
Hierarchical design and superconducting transactions