Frequently Asked Questions (FAQ)


Fear Uncertainty and Doubt. Governments, bank and the legacy media like

to spread FUD to minimize peoples interest and acceptance into Cryptocurrency, the average person is still reluctant to

but into this new technology until they are told it is safe by the authorities. The biggest Fudster has been Jaime Daimon of Goldman Sachs.


A term in investing that means Fear of Missing Out! When bitcoin starts to go straight up people panic buy because
they may miss the boat, believe me I know this emotion well.

“To the Moon”

referring to when Bitcoin will sky rocket to never before seen highs!.


– This refers to Hold on for Dear Life! meaning you are in it for the long term and you are not planning on selling anytime soon!

Alt Coins

– All crypto’s besides Bitcoin which is the Gold Standard.


– Initial Coin Offering, when new Crypto Coins or Tokens are launched for Pre-Sale.


-A person who only believes in Bitcoin and thinks most other crypto’s with ultimately fail.