Centra Tech, Inc. is a new kind of finance company taking a radical approach to providing financial services through cryptocurrencies. We are doing that by offering the Centra Wallet 2.0 for your digital assets, offering the Centra Prepaid Card to spend your digital assets, and launching the Centra Market to buy things with your digital assets. It is a complete package, unlike any other.

Centra supports a wide range of cryptocurrencies across various blockchains. The assets currently supported are: Bitcoin, Ethereum, Litecoin, ERC20 Tokens, Ripple, Zcash, and Dash. We will soon implement a support of more assets in time.  PRE-ORDER CENTRA CARD



Centra Wallet enables easy access and control for consumers, the Centra ecosystem includes a secure and insured digital wallet used to store, spend, send and receive digital currencies. The Centra Wallet opens up the marketplace for peer-to-peer transactions. This speeds up the e-commerce process and significantly reduce the costs usually associated with online purchases. Centra effectively nullifies interbank exchange rates and fees charged by intermediaries and card-servicing companies.


Centra Network is the ultimate cryptocurrency exchange. It combines features of both centralized and decentralized exchanges to create a unique hybrid platform. The centralized part of the Centra Network allows users to trade assets against Bitcoin, Ethereum, and more while the decentralized part of the exchange allows for trading of all ERC20 currencies against Ethereum. The Centra Network will also include Centra Token (CTR) trading pairs for both aspects in future updates.


Centra Market is a cryptocurrency marketplace that seeks to capitalize on the exponential growth rate of the e-commerce ecosystem. Platforms like Amazon and eBay perform a phenomenal amount of commercial transactions on a global scale. Conventional transaction methods remain responsible for the increased transaction costs and geographical restrictions faced by consumers. Introducing a cryptocurrency-based marketplace based upon peer-to-peer transactions will reduce costs for all users by eliminating intermediaries and unnecessary transaction fees.



“Use your bitcoins, ethereum, and more cryptocurrencies in real time across the globe,” Khaled wrote. “This is a Game changer here. Get your CTR tokens now! #CryptoBilli #Bitcoin #Ethereum#Digitalcurrency”

Khaled joins a growing list of celebrities that have lent their fame to the promotion of an ICO. He is preceded by Mayweather, hotel heiress Paris Hilton, soccer star Luis Suarez, and actor Jamie Foxx.

Centra Tech Joins Enterprise Ethereum Alliance